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Association of Child Psychoanalysis - Annual Meeting

  • May 03, 2019
  • May 05, 2019
  • Miami, FL


ACP 2019 Annual Meeting

May 3-5, 2019
Marriott Miami Biscayne Bay Hotel
Miami, Florida

For more information, visit their website:  http://www.childanalysis.org/

Registration is now open for the 2019 ACP Annual Meeting May 3-5, 2019 at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel. This year’s topic is The Lens of the Child Psychoanalyst: Perspectives on Psychosexual Development and we are presenting compelling speakers and workshops concerning topics in child analysis including:

• Writer’s Workshop with Leon Hoffman and Tim Rice aimed at helping clinicians write about analytic process for purposes of publication and presentation.

• Barbara Streeter will moderate a panel of distinguished child analysts illustrating collaborations between psychoanalysts and educators, sponsored by The Alliance for Psychoanalytic Schools. Presenters include Don Rosenblitt, Nat Donson, Janet Rotter and Rosaleen Rusty Horn.

• Rebecca Mair and Van Dyke DeGolia will present clinical material as part of a panel entitled “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for Child Analysts: A Continuing Discussion.” Jim Bennett will be the discussant.

• Workshops focused on analytic material with children ranging in age from early childhood through adolescence. The workshop presenters are John Tisdale (North Carolina), Matthew Shaw (Western New England), Felecia Powell-Williams (Texas) and Marie Woods (London). The workshop discussants are Don Rosenblitt, Adam Libow, Christie Huddleston, and Jill Miller.

• The Saturday plenary will present clinical material illustrating the ways in which psychosexuality – as understood psychoanalytically – informs all analytic and therapeutic work with children and adolescents. Denia Barrett will be the plenary presenter. The plenary discussants are Kirsten Dahl and Rex McGehee. Wendy Olesker will be the plenary moderator.

• The Sunday morning Marianne Kris lecture will be delivered by Jim Herzog, who will present a paper entitled, “Child Psychoanalysis and Social Justice." The Extension Program, also on Sunday, will be on suicide risk, seen through a developmental psychopathology lens. The speaker will be Katie C. Lewis and discussants will include Roderick (Rick) Hall and Juan Calderon.

Registration, hotel block information, program descriptions, schedule, and more are available at www.childanalysis.org


Call for Proposals – 2019

Association for Child Psychoanalysis Annual Meeting

May 3-5, 2019

Miami, Florida

The Association for Child Psychoanalysis (ACP) Program Committee invites papers that describe in-depth analytic work with children and adolescents.  Proposals should be between three and five double-spaced pages in length and should include one or two detailed examples of the analytic process, in addition to a brief dynamic case formulation.

At this time, a theme has not been selected for the conference.  We have found that areas of focus suggest themselves from common threads evident in the proposals received by the Committee.  

The review by the Committee is a blind, i.e., anonymous, process.  For this reason, please be sure that your proposal does not include any information that would identify you, including your city or state.  Please attach a signed cover letter that lets us know whether or not the paper has been or will be presented in any other venues, i.e., presentations or publications, and specifies those venues.  In this cover letter, please indicate the frequency, i.e., number of sessions per week, and any changes in frequency that occurred during the course of the treatment.  The cover letter will be seen by only the two of us and Ms. Janet Blomquist, the ACP Administrator.  Proposals should be sent to Ms. Janet Blomquist at childanalysis65@gmail.com

If you have questions, please contact Andrea Weiss, PhD at aweisswhit@gmail.com  or (310) 247-9677, or Karen Weise, PhD at klweisephd@yahoo.com or (202) 237-6161 

We hope you will consider sharing your clinical experiences with child psychoanalytic colleagues, as every contribution benefits us all.  We are available to think with you or to serve as sounding boards as you develop your proposals.

Karen Weise, PhD

Andrea Weiss, PhD

ACP Program Committee Co-Chairs

 13001 E. 17th Place, Mail Stop F546
Aurora CO 80045
(303) 724-2666 

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